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Photography is one of my favorite hobbies I have in my spare time. If you know me well, you know that I absolutely love and enjoy taking photos – whatever or wherever the situation is. When I am with friends, whether it’s an exciting venue or just the movie theater or park, I love taking photos – especially with my friends.

The thing that I learned growing up is that photographs help capture a moment in time. When you look back at a photo, it’s like you can see through a frame in time and visit that moment again. This is the magic I truly adore about photos.

Being a very social person, I typically hang out with friends or try to every day. And doing so, I do a lot of things with friends. I would not be able to theoretically remember every exciting thing I do with my friends, so I take a picture of us at whatever place we are at or whatever we are doing, that way I am able to look back onto that photo and revisit that moment.

Rob Moore | The Mission Daily

There’s really something special about looking back at photos that I have taken a while back. Not only do I just smile when I look at myself (and others) being happy doing something in the past, but I get a warm and exciting feeling about how happy I was in-the-moment the photo was taken.

Taking a picture is seeing something with your eyes and capturing that moment with a camera. Taking a photo acknowledges the difference between being somewhere and seeing somewhere. – Rob Moore (The Mission Daily)

Anyways, my advice to you – take photos of moments that you are enjoying. Sure, you may not have to take 100 selfies of you in front of that rock concert, but be sure to take a second to capture yourself smiling, laughing, and having fun so that you can look back onto that moment in the future. Also, take photos with your friends. On my Instagram Page, 97% of my photos are taken with my friends or someone else in the photo as I enjoy surrounding myself with people that make me happy. When I look back at a picture of me and a friend, I not only am traveled back in time to that moment, but I am reminded of that person and how much my life has changed because of them.

Here are a few of my favorite photographs I’ve shared on my page.

What do you enjoy about taking photos? Do you have a personal gallery as well to look back to in the future about the exciting things you did in the past? Share your Instagram page with me below!

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Pamelia Pek · August 9, 2018 at 1:34 AM

My instagram is pameliapek. I enjoy taking photographs of my friends as well. Other than that I also enjoy taking great moments that happening on the beautiful sky. I really enjoy your photographs and it would be nice to see more of them in the future.

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