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Hey, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week so far ~ good news: it’s almost Friday!

We hosted our second club meeting yesterday, Wednesday, September 20th after school in C211. With this being our second meeting, we had quite some topics which we went over! Here’s the rundown:

  1. Summary of First Meeting – We gave a quick summary about what our club is and what we discussed in our first meeting. In case you missed our first meeting summary, be sure to read it here!
  2. New Club Officers – I introduced our newest officer, Molly Peterson, as she has been elected an officer of the club! We also re-introduced all of our officers: Eric Aaberg, Molly Peterson, Nicole Jackson, Ashley Grossman, and Lexi Visinsky.
  3. What Being Happy Means – What does being happy mean? Being happy is when you are content in the current moment in life. Happiness is leaning towards the positive side in life and looking at the good things which you enjoy. One can say happiness is described when you’re happy or have a smile on your face. I mentioned to the club that even though there can be negatives in life and throughout your day, the best thing to do is to look past them and to something that makes you happy! For example, as I said, I probably failed (hopefully not) my AP Biology Test today, though that’s ok! I am not failing the class, and in the end of the day it’s just a test.
  4. Smile, Every Day – The biggest sign of someone being happy is when they are smiling. Take a few seconds in your day and cheer you and another person up by smiling at people when you pass by them in the hallway. Smiling is super easy and has been scientifically proven that if you smile, you will become more happy.
  5. Group Activity: Member Introductions – We had everyone who attended the meeting to fill out our Member Introduction Worksheet and then present and introduce themselves to the club. Each member gave their name, grade, what extra curricular activities they’re involved in, and what makes them happy. I said that swimming makes me happy when I wake up in the morning and get to see my friends, as well as making other people happy! Ashley had quite a list of things which made her happy, such as coloring – which will be some of our activities in the future!
  6. Joining our Discord – All members were asked to go to via their Chromebook or Mobile Device and join the Discord Server for our group chat. Students on chromebooks must click the “Join on Chromebook” to join the server, and students on a phone must download the “Discord” app and use the code “knWb8KF” to join.
  7. Club T-Shirt Designs – We revealed our club t-shirt design, which included a red t-shirt with a frocket. On the front had our smile logo with “2017-18” club year date, and on the back had “Remain Happy” and our motto “Spreading Happiness One Smile at a Time”. The price of a T-Shirt will be around $15.00, and that can possibly lower depending on the amount which we order. If you’re interested in purchasing a T-Shirt, please visit Ms. Nix in C211 to pay the shirt fee and fill out a form. Feel free to email me [email protected] or contact me via the Remind/Discord if you have any questions regarding t-shirts.

    First T-Shirt Design Came In!

  8. End Meeting – We concluded our meeting and thanked everyone for coming! We also reminded everyone to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @remainhappyorg and to join the remind/discord if they haven’t done so already!
  9. Canes Fundraiser – All members were asked to go to Raising Canes on Campbell Rd if they were able to as we were hosting a fundraiser to help support Coach Meager’s Fundraiser for helping offer cleft lip surgery to developing countries through SmileTrain. We had quite some people come over to Canes and thanked them for coming!


That wraps it up for the second meeting! Thank you all for coming and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting. Just a reminder if you’re interested in joining the club: We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month after school and soon will be doing events/activities during the 2nd and 4th week of the month! You can also join our remind by texting 81010 @remhappy“.


Eric Aaberg
Remain Happy President
[email protected]



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