Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs!

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Dogs are one of the most friendly animals in the world. Not only are they a common household pet, but they are a best friend. In this article, we’re going to be giving you tons of information about dogs, as well as some cute photos.

In the United States, nearly 37% of households own a dog, and the average number is 1.6 (Which is weird, like how do you have 6/10th a dog??? So in our book, we’re just going to round up to 2 dogs average).

According to Gizmodo, dogs have been around for over 15,000 years. Hey, if dogs have been around for that long, why haven’t we talked about them much in History class? I don’t know about you but I think dogs are quite interesting… To summarize the history of the Dog (Yes, a capital D for our fellow companion), they evolved over time from domesticated wolves. Which honestly makes sense since wolves are just big dogs. Right??

Anyways, this isn’t History class. Dogs make great pets and pals for life. Dogs and pets, in general, are great ways to de-stress yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed. Even though these majestic creatures cannot speak our languages, they are still able to tell when we are sad, worried, moody, or stressed out, and they typically tell you that they love you and care for you in either kisses, hugs, or just a beg for treats. But who can blame them? Food is amazing.


Meet Our Fellow Companions

We’d like to introduce to you our wonderful pets from the Remain Happy Officers! So, get ready for some cute photos.

Hi I’m Coco. I kinda look like a cinnamon roll but everyone thinks I’m cute. I’ve been told that people would take a bullet for me bc they love me so much and its true, bc I’m great. I love my mom and I’m an attention hog and I will cuddle with her all day (and other people). I love my sister


but shes kinda mean but its ok bc im too cute to hate 🙂




Hi! I’m daisy. i love you more than you know. seriously. you don’t even know. so i’m going to tell you how much i love you by getting as physically close to you as i can.

I just can’t wait for you to say those 7 little words that I love to hear…. “get your nose out of my butt!”  i love you. soooooooooo much




Hi I’m Cody. I’m super chill about everything. Except food. At 5:30 exactly every single day I am always asking for dinner. Other than that, I’m cool with whatever. Passions include: breakfast, chasing the red dot, dinner, Joshua, second dinner, and getting the ball but not giving it back.






I’m Maddie, I hate everyone except when i need something.





Hi there, I’m Lola. I am super friendly to everyone but my sister bc I am the alpha dog (except when I get scared, then she is). I love to eat dinner and breakfast when my owner feeds me, because food is amazing, and I am a bit overweight – but that just means I have more fur for when you hug me. Did I mention I am a good hugger? I love hugs. I am scared of nearly everything: random people, thunderstorms, yelling, etc. but when I meet you I am very friendly.






Hi there, I’m Dottie!!!! I am a small boxer mix and my sister twin is Lola. We are both rescue dogs and I love my owners so much. I love treats and hunting around our backyard. I freakout when my owner says “treat” or “walk” bc those are my favorite things ever.







Hi I’m Baxter!
likes: belly rubs, naps, d i n n e r, walks, swimming, you
dislikes: HATS







Hi! I’m Bridget, but the neighbors call me queen B. I know I’m the best, so treat me as such. some people have called me feline like. this is wrong (edit: this is right). I have zero faults. be like me.


Those are our dogs! What do your pets look like? Let us know by tweeting us @remainhappyorg a picture and we’ll retweet you / share your dog!

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