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Greetings everyone, and happy almost-Friday!

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 6th, we hosted our first club meeting after school at JJ Pearce. We had quite the number of students show up to our first meeting, nearly 40, and we’re super happy to see many of you all interested in the club!

In case you missed the club meeting, here’s a wrap up of what we covered:

  1. Introduction and Welcoming to Remain Happy – Our motto is “Spreading Happiness One Smile at a Time”. We’ll be doing fun events to make yourself and other happy! We will be interacting with the student body/population at Pearce, with the mission of spreading happiness to others. We’ve got some cool things planned ~ such as baked goods, future club meetings and events, friendly complimenting, and more!
  2. Introduction of Remain Happy Club Officers 
    • Eric Aaberg: New to JJ Pearce, Senior, Mustang Swim Team, President of Remain Happy.
    • Ashley Grossman: Senior, Active in numerous clubs and extracurricular activities, Officer of Remain Happy.
    • Lexi Visinsky: Junior, Founding Member of Remain Happy.
  3. What Makes you Happy – We discussed about a general overview back to our motto and the overall goal of this club. What makes you happy? – And what can we do to make other people happy as well?
  4. Planned Future Meetings – We plan on having weekly/bi-weekly meetings mostly on Wednesdays. Our meetings will have a different topic/event each week, alternating through fun events such as game nights, movie nights, DIY activities, anti-stress meetings, spreading happiness meetings, and more.
  5. Remind and Social Media – We asked everyone to join our Remind101 for updates and more information about upcoming events and meetings. Simply text 81010@remhappy” to join our Remind! Be sure to also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @remainhappyorg for public updates/announcements and positive vibe posts.

Interested in joining? Simply join the Remind and or contact me at [email protected]! You’re free to join at any time, as well as attend any of our meetings and events which fit your schedule!


Eric Aaberg
Remain Happy President
[email protected]

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