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Hello everyone, we’re super excited to hear that we were interviewed and put into the J.J. Pearce School Paper, The Pony Express! Last Wednesday, the paper published covering many recent events by the students at J.J. Pearce, as well as an article on the Remain Happy Club.

“The Remain Happy Club exists to spread happiness to students around Pearce. It is also about making new friends. Remain Happy started off as a nonprofit organization that club founder and president Eric Aaberg began during the summer of 2017.

“Our goal is to help students come together and have a fun activity to look forward to in the week,” Eric Said.

Eric’s passion for making others smile gave him the idea of creating a club that spreads positivity throughout the area. Creating Remain Happy helped him to get to know fellow students because this is his first year at Pearce. “I realized how amazing it feels to help others smile,” Eric said.

The Remain Happy Club does different activities every other week. It varies between group activities, game nights and movie nights.

“Recently we did a movie night where we all brought something to munch on,” junior Ivan Santiago said. They also wrote kindness notes and gave them to people around the school to help spread positivity.

The message that they are trying to spread to everyone is that there will always be a reason to be happy. Even when people are not having a good day, there is always going to be something to look forward to or be happy for. Club members are also focusing on others who have depression to help lift their spirits.

They are expecting more students to attend upcoming meetings. Most of their meetings typically include food because they know others love food. “We have nearly 100 students total who are in our Remind or have attended a meeting,” Eric said. They had their first meeting of 2018 in January and they were planning for a movie night for all Pearce students. Remain Happy has meetings on the first and third Wednesdays of every month.”

As I speak from the entire club officers, we thank the Pony Express Staff for taking the time to interview us, as well as the entire student base at J.J. Pearce in making this club something special!

Stay tuned for an announcement very soon on our Remind for our next club meeting!


Eric Aaberg
Remain Happy President
[email protected]


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