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Hello there, it’s been a while since we’ve posted! Like many of us, we’re nearing exams here at Pearce High School, and you know what that means… GRADUATION AND SUMMER IN LIKE 10 DAYS!!! But also there’s some stress, and that’s not cool.

This is where we’re coming in to help assist you on these final last 2 weeks of high school for the school year, or if you are graduating and are already done with your AP Exams (such as I am 😅🙌🏻) – anyways let’s get to the point.

Spotify Playlist – Remain Happy’s Hottest Beats
You like music, right? Well good news – we, the Remain Happy Club Officers, have created an awesome playlist for you to listen to some awesome beats while you are either studying, celebrating, procrastinating, or just simply jammin’.

Here’s what we’ve got, let us know what your favorites are and if you dig this playlist: 

Graduation & Summer
Graduation is almost near! If you are a senior, have you finished the poll and requested your final transcript? I know no one really want’s to do these things, but it is important to do so so you can get your grades as well as tickets to graduation. So, just do it and you’ll then never have to worry about it again!

Yearbooks are out! Go get them during lunch and make sure you have a Photo ID Badge with you to get them! I believe they are $85 to purchase one if you have not done so already.

Prom Tickets
Seniors again, prom is this weekend – woohoo! 🎉 Who’s ready to dance? If you haven’t done so already, go purchase your tickets during lunch for $60. Also, we sent this on remind but this week you can dress up for Prom Spirit! All grades are encouraged to participate.

  • Vine Monday – Dress up as your favorite vine!
  • Tailgate/Frat Tuesday – Dress up like a frat boy or football apparel.
  • Well-dressed Wednesday – Look sharp or classy for today.
  • Tiki Thursday – Dressed beachy and Hawaiin for this day.
  • Freaky Friday – Dress, and twin with a good friend or your date!

Club Officers 2018-19
We’re looking for some under-class students at J.J. Pearce to help run the JJP Remain Happy Club for the next year! If you are interested in being an officer for the next, please let me know via the remind. (text @remhappy to 81010)

That’s about it and all we have for this post – see you all in the next one!

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