Start Answering Your Unanswered Questions

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As a kid, you were always told to never stop asking questions and that it was always good to ask questions when you needed help… but has society placed a different expectation and standard on us?

“Always ask questions.” This was a motto I always enjoyed living by. Growing up at first, I was a bit shy and hesitant to always ask questions – especially out loud (like in class). Sometimes I was told by my teachers that I even sometimes ask too many questions. But what is that supposed to conclude? Was I asking too many questions due to having a strong curiosity or my teacher/peer having a weak instructing skill?

Since I had a commonality of asking many questions, some of them would not get an answer – or at least not right away. But that didn’t stop me. My curious self would stop whatever I was doing and find an answer to my question, whether that was asking another peer or simply “surfing the Internet” (Google) – do people even call it that anymore?

So, as I grew older and my curious brain grew larger (I guess), I began asking more and more questions. I noticed a pattern throughout my childhood, however; that is that not all of your peers will know the answers to your questions nor will they always agree with them. That, however, does not mean you aren’t supposed to ask questions. I feel as if teenagers and growing children sometimes are put under the impression that they shouldn’t ask questions – and that they are in the wrong for asking bizarre questions. But what people don’t realize is that they are simply trying to understand the world, and trying to feed their curious minds.

Study even shows that people who ask questions are more likely to be likable, show a strong confident character, and receive better business. Especially in the modern world today, we see companies who prefer their employees and coworkers to ask for help and ask questions as they see it as a sign of strength. Asking questions can help you not only improve your communication skills, but feed your curious mind – as your mind makes who you are.

So, my advice to you: never stop asking questions. If someone can’t answer your question, go out and find it! The world is truly your limit, and nowadays with modern technology and instant access to the internet, you are able to connect with billions of sources around the world.

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